About Us

No numbers. Pure heart. That makes you UNSTOPPABLE.

Imagine our Journey

‘Keep going’ … that’s the whisper I used to hear the moment everything seemed to collapse. For an idea that fell apart before it was even conceived. At first, all steps were slow, almost numb. And failure seemed to be a constant partner.

‘For every task you need the right tool’ , my father used to say .
Engineer by profession, and among the best ones at his business. A man that loved his work and used to spend endless hours in his lab, creating beautiful objects. Fascinated by speed, he used to cycle non-stop with me observing from the back seat of the bicycle the ground alternating with a speed, almost magic. Perhaps it is due to all these memories that I cannot decide whether it is mechanics or sports that I love more. It took me some years to realise that both have been integral parts of my life.
‘Keep going’ ... Nothing less than that.
All had to be done from scratch. First of all the design on a blank paper. Then lathes, wood millings, delicate workmanship, tanners, tapes, stitches, silk screen printing, cords, packaging, buckles, leather straps and constant trials. Day after day, I came across some wonderful people, who dreamt, believed, researched with me for endless hours. Nothing would be the same again.
A jumping rope, very pretty but also speedy started taking shape, inspiring us to create more. Wooden rings, wrist wraps, leather pads.
Unstoppable , no need to think of anything else. That is the word that would describe my journey, a word that would motivate more people to do the same.
For every task you need the right tool’ , my father used to say.
No numbers. Pure heart.

That makes you UNSTOPPABLE.
George M. Vorrias
Founder /CEO

Unstoppable is a Greek company.

First and foremost, we are athletes and then we are manufactures and promoters.
Everything we do, everything we make, comes from that perspective.
We craft with raw materials, focusing on detail, quality and innovation, in order to achieve the highest possible performance.
We promote and partner with brands that add daily fitness habits to people's lives.

From accessories to healthy snacks to books or even digital products.